Creative Director, Writer, Designer, & Archivist

I create diverse iterations of work around the central idea of nontraditional archivism. Employing digital media, physical objects, apparel, and more, my work records macro and micro-histories with the intent to create new narratives around topics such as the hand-built environment, retrofuturism, aesthetic cycling, and beyond.

My work includes both standalone and ongoing projects that touch the fields of furniture, clothing, and installation design, cultural critique, emerging technologies, and more. I am the founder of two long-term projects/brands: Pink Essay, a creative platform and studio exploring “radical design subculture”, and Soft Debris, a clothing brand and archival project focused on cultural pastiche and internet primitivism.

@david_eardley @pinkessay @softdebris

pinkessay.space softdebris.com designheads.substack.com