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David Eardley is a branding-focused copywriter, creative director, designer, and curator based in New York and Mexico City. His copywriting and editorial writing work centers creative communication and branding that emphasizes intentional language and uncommon expression, with extensive agency, freelance, and contract experience across UX, social media, and print.

As a creative director, designer, and curator, he founded Pink Essay, a creative studio and platform dedicated to celebrating “radical design subculture.” Through digital content, physical activations, and brand partnerships, Pink Essay is celebrating the swiftly expanding furniture design community and fostering the growth of the next generation of designheads. Their work is shared at @pinkessay and pinkessay.space.

In 2023, David and Pink Essay launched Designheads, a digital publication for radical design subculture.
David’s work and writing has been featured in:
  1. The Wall Street Journal
  2. Cult Classic Magazine
  3. Architectural Digest
  4. Curbed
  5. New York Magazine’s The Strategist
  6. i-D
  7. Salone di Mobile.Milano
  8. Sight Unseen
  9. StockX News
  10. Office Magazine





︎ UX Copy
︎ Product Headlines
︎ Product Descriptions
︎ Designer Biographies

As part of a full rebrand for the iconic Italian furniture brand GUFRAM, I am crafting all English language product copy and designer biographies for their entire catalog. This long-term project involves distilling the essence of a range of unique handmade pieces, collected by design enthusiasts and museums worldwide, into clever and playful language that evokes the brand’s experimental and progressive spirit.

All product copy, which involves product headlines and descriptions, is utilized across Gufram’s web, social, and print media on a rolling basis, in partnership with the brand's graphic design team.


︎ UX Copy
︎ Product Titles
︎ Product Headlines
︎ Product Descriptions
︎ SEO Blog Copy
︎ Social Media Copy
︎ Email Campaign Copy
︎ General Marketing Comms
︎ High-Priority Brand Presentations

REDOUX is a scent and skincare brand based out of New York centered around products that combine thoughtful ingredients with nuanced, concept-driven scents. I support the brand in a permalance, part-time capacity with all copy needs, ranging from SEO-driven blog posts to developing original product nomenclature to authoring investor-facing presentations.

Redoux’s brand voice is elegant, educated, and natural, emphasizing a sense of artful relaxation and strong interest in world-building, particularly around specific products. I work both independently and closely with their small team to meet their diverse array of needs, providing copy for both physical and digital needs.

MOCK Studio — CONTEMPORARY FURNIture design and installations

︎ UX Copy
︎ Brand Slogan
︎ Brand Keywords
︎ Brand Headlines
︎ Brand Summary
︎ Designer Biography

For MOCK Studio, a new and dynamic furniture and interior installation studio based in New York, I crafted a series of brand copy assets that helped to tell the brand story and express their unique identity as both furniture makers and architectural installation designers.

Through straightforward and specific language, we worked to land on the exact vocabulary for their line of practice, selecting words like proportion, balance, and scale to evoke their refined but contemporary aesthetic.

David Eardley is a branding-focused copywriter, creative director, and curator based in New York and Mexico City.