Product Copy (B2C & B2B): Gufram

Develop modern and playful headlines and descriptions for every product from Gufram’s catalog of Italian Radical Design for use across their website, printed material, and social media.

1 - The iconic Bocca lips sofa.
2 - I worked to infuse a sense of fun into each headline for this well-loved piece of furniture.
3 - It was important to the brand to balance the piece’s sensuality while avoiding objectification, emphasizing physicality and empowerment.
1 - The cult favorite DETECMA chair.
2 - I wanted to emphasize alliteration for this product’s headlines, connecting them back to the piece’s playful name (Design + Technique + Mathematics = DETECMA).
3 - We enjoyed working through the challenge of making the product’s description intellectual yet accessible.
1 - The radical Capitello set.
2 - Because of the piece’s visual humor, I worked to include a variety of puns and wordplay in this product’s headlines.
3 - Texture is highly important when communicating about the Capitello, as it appears to be made of stone but is actually soft to the touch.