Brand Voice & Tone (B2B): Reve

Create voice and tone for luxury fabricated diamond wholesaler that balanced tradition with a progressive mindset and craft copy for both a high profile presentation and the brand book.

1 - A large part of Rêve’s focus is appealing to both traditional jewelry retailers and more contemporary brick-and-mortars. I balanced these inputs by using language that touched on both beauty and sustainability, integrating the old with the new.
2 - It was important for me to strike a balance between the intellectual and the relatable when identifying key brand vocabulary.
3 - Rêve’s brand identity is authentic and connective, so I worked to find language that felt present and modern.
4 - We wanted to maintain a sense of elegance throughout the project, so I wrote brand headlines that captured clear and poetic wordplay to evoke this.

Brand Voice & Tone (B2C): MOCK Studio

Craft a lean and authentic narrative for design studio startup while balancing multiple identities.

1 - I worked with the studio to identify the key components of their design practice: proportion, balance, and scale.
2 - I crafted a simple and straightforward summary of their work for use across more technical outlets.
3 - We summed up the brand’s identity in a simple phrase: “design defined by understatement”.

Product Copy (B2C & B2B): Gufram

Develop modern and playful headlines and descriptions for every product from Gufram’s catalog of Italian Radical Design for use across their website, printed material, and social media.

1 - The iconic Bocca lips sofa.
2 - I worked to infuse a sense of fun into each headline for this well-loved piece of furniture.
3 - It was important to the brand to balance the piece’s sensuality while avoiding objectification, emphasizing physicality and empowerment.
1 - The cult favorite DETECMA chair.
2 - I wanted to emphasize alliteration for this product’s headlines, connecting them back to the piece’s playful name (Design + Technique + Mathematics = DETECMA).
3 - We enjoyed working through the challenge of making the product’s description intellectual yet accessible.
1 - The radical Capitello set.
2 - Because of the piece’s visual humor, I worked to include a variety of puns and wordplay in this product’s headlines.
3 - Texture is highly important when communicating about the Capitello, as it appears to be made of stone but is actually soft to the touch.

Product Concepting (B2B & B2C): Redoux

Create voice and name for new bath products, evoking specific feelings, environments, and identities.

1 - The Room 621 Bar was inspired by sensual moments and midnight at the hotel bar.
2 - When developing the narrative for products like this, I always work to balance detail with allowing space for imagination.
3 - I find it especially important to identify sounds and phonetic patterns that have an appealing rhythm when writing the headlines for beauty products.

Brand Marketing (B2C/SaaS): Skillhaus

Craft youthful brand-wide copy and rollout strategy for launch of creative networking social media service application that empowers skill-for-skill bartering. 

1 - Leading up to the launch of the app, we brainstormed headlines that captured the essence of the brand, like the one above.
2 - I concepted a series of special series to help build momentum and grow brand audience, like these sets of creative tips and tricks shared from professionals working in various industries.
3 - Asking questions was core to the campaign, as I sought to encourage a sense of dialogue and interchange that mirrored the central purpose of the app.
4 - We released parallel content across social media, brand blog, and email leading up to the launch.

Website Buildout (B2C/Food): Chomps

Create playful and energetic brand + product headlines and product descriptions for sustainably-minded snack brand website.

1 - I honed in on alliteration as a key device in crafting copy for Chomps, as it lent the brand voice a sense of rhythm and joy.
2 - Rhyme patterns were also an important tool in my writer’s toolkit as I built out the site, giving a bouncy sound to punchy headlines.
3 - It was important to the brand’s creative team that the Chomps site not take itself too seriously, so we stuck with simple and tonge-in-cheek language that felt relatable and family-friendly.
4 - The brand’s identity blends elements of sustainability, health, and the everyday consumer, so I created descriptions that spoke in a frank, matter-of-fact manner.

Website Buildout (B2C/Fashion): Lokai

Create intentional website + collection headlines and descriptions for charitably-minded accessories brand website.

This core brand statement was a priority for the brand, so I worked to center the wording on key vocabulary.
Lokai emphasizes inspiration as an important part of the brand feel, so I crafted a variety of headlines that called on the customer to join in on their mission.
We employed a variety of poetic strategies to bring a simple elegance and thoughtfulness to core UX moments on the site.

Website Buildout (Portfolio): Studio Guapo

Create sleek and visually impactful website and copy for furniture designer and artist.