David Eardley is an interdisciplinary materials artist. His work explores the relationship between humans and physical space.

He is the founder of Pink Essay, a studio experimentally considering the world of interiors and redefining design as a culture. 

David’s work with furniture-as-sculpture has been displayed and sold at LICHEN and Raini Home in New York. His solo show exhibited August 7-9 in New York. He is currently an artist in residence at Casa Lu in Mexico City.

As a curator, he created and curated Home Around You, an interdisciplinary group show at IRL Gallery, and OPEN STUDIO, a student & apprentice portfolio show with the Pink Essay team at LICHEN.

David is a recurring contributor to Architectural Digest’s Clever. His writing can also be found in a variety of other publications and on his column Jelly on Substack.

New York, NY / CDMX, Mexico